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Bike tours for everyone


Girobici is the department of the Jockey Viaggi agency completely dedicated to the organisation of bicycle trips. Girobici was born from the fusion of many years of expertise as an Incoming Tour Operator and the special attention that Jockey Viaggi has always dedicated to the world of cycling.

It is thanks to this expertise that Girobici’s trips offer unforgettable experiences, a combination of maximum organisational seriousness and unquestionable fun. Girobici’s cycle tours take participants to discover the Veneto region in all its historical, cultural and enogastoenomic nuances, always with an eye on the typical features of the place. Girobici’s organisational skills also allow them to create challenging itineraries to discover the entire peninsula and, to do this, they make use of the expertise of authorised cycle guides who are passionate and eager to ensure that participants experience truly unforgettable moments.


For cycle tourists, the Veneto offers a multitude of opportunities, whether it be day trips or tours lasting several days.
The Girobici cycle guides accompany guests to discover a region to be enjoyed in a slow and completely eco-sustainable way, visiting its architectural and historical beauties and savouring the typical products of the local food and wine at the rest stops set up by the agri-food companies.

Those taking part in the cycle-tour can also make use of Girobici assistance for luggage transfers, city bike hire, helmet hire and, last but not least, for the purchase of typical products. Even the transport of the purchased products can be managed by Girobici so that the participants receive what they have purchased only at the end of the tour and can travel in “total lightness” in the name of taste and relaxation.



Thermal Hotel Promotion was founded in 1987, based on the experience of people who had run, managed and directed (for 40 years) accommodation facilities in the thermal area of Abano and Montegrotto Terme and in other locations dedicated to tourism, from the Cities of Art to the sea and the mountains. Since 1987, the experience gained has been transformed into an opportunity for the world of hotel accommodation, primarily but not exclusively, to create and build promotional marketing campaigns for tourist products.
For some years now, Thermal Hotel Promotion has been devoting part of its attention to the development of territorial and corporate marketing initiatives with particular regard to Slow and Soft tourism, as a development of sustainable tourism and integration between tourist products and typical products that for various reasons, both craft and the world of agriculture, insist in the assisted territories.


Ciclo Turismo Euganeo  is a young company that has quickly established itself in the Veneto region. CONI-authorised guides, they have decades of experience in the use of bicycles in many disciplines related to competitions and cycle tourism.

Thanks to their training and knowledge of the area, they can develop any type of route suitable for accompanying groups on slow tours, right up to the most daring and challenging mountain bike and racing bike excursions.

They also offer mountain bike courses for those approaching this sport, which can improve performance and safety on guided or unguided tours.

Since 2020 it has been working with Jockey Viaggi and Girobici to develop a structured offer of daily and multi-day tours with the aim of helping people discover the Veneto region and pass on their passion for cycling.

Traveling by bicycle means breathing and savouring every metre travelled.