How to travel with us

Types of travel and good rules for cyclists

Individual and group tours

GIROBICI organises cycling trips for cyclists of all levels: whether you are discovering the beneficial relaxation of two wheels for the first time or you are looking for adrenalin-pumping adventures, we have the right cycle tour for you! And that’s not all: with Girobici you can choose between short distance tours or tours lasting several days to discover our extraordinary peninsula or destinations beyond the Alps.

Travelling by bike lets you get to know a new world made up of wide-open spaces and freedom, it lets you breathe and rediscover small things, scents and colours that – at times – we stop noticing. Travelling by bike – launching yourself at full speed on a mountain bike or pedalling in the serenity of the plains – makes you regain possession of the present moment, teaches you to concentrate on the here and now, reconnects you with the Nature that surrounds you and of which you are a part. Girobici’s journeys are mainly in groups because we believe in the strength of the team that supports each other during the journey, that shares the fatigue and the wonder, that creates friendships that you don’t expect. It is for all these reasons that travelling by bike is an undeniable cure-all for the body and spirit.


The GIROBICI trips can be classified according to several criteria:

  • The type of trip: Itinerant or Margherita
  • The type of bike suitable for the trip:Road Bike (BDC), Citybike or Trekking Bike (CTB), Mountain Bike (MTB), Gravel (GRV)
  • The level of difficulty: (3 levels: Easy, Medium and Challenging)
    For more details on the classification criteria, please contact us.
  • Tour reference: Each Ciclotour is identified by a code that distinguishes it by type, remember to quote the reference starting with GB, followed by the number you are interested in to get a faster and more exhaustive answer.

Itinerant journeys

The itinerant journey (or journey in stages) involves starting from a certain place and reaching another, dividing the distance to be covered into several stages and moving from one overnight stop to another until reaching the destination. Travelling can be at different levels of difficulty, depending on the number of kilometres to be covered, the overall height difference and the type of terrain.

This type of trip generally involves the use of city or trekking bikes (CTB) or the more modern Gravel bikes (GRV), which also facilitate bike-packing, the new solutions for travelling with panniers attached directly to the bike.
However, it is also possible to use modified mountain bikes (MTBs) with road wheels and luggage racks for these trips.
In order to fully enjoy the experience of touring we recommend that you also bring your own luggage. Girobici is in any case available to organise the luggage transport service from the place of departure to the next overnight stay.

Journeys to Margherita

In the Margherita trips a starting place or base is defined, the base is the place from which you will leave every day and to which you will return every evening for the overnight stay. Daisy journeys are designed for those who wish to deepen their knowledge of a particular area, city or geographical zone.

Even in the case of the Margherita trips there are different levels of difficulty depending on the kilometres to be covered, the overall height difference and the type of terrain. The type of bike used depends on the area to be explored; there are daisy rides designed for racing bikes (BDC) or mountain bikes (MTB) or, more generally, for city bikes (CTB) or gravel bikes (GRV).


Both of the above trip types guarantee fascinating experiences!


In order to make the experience of a bicycle trip truly unique, we think it might be useful to give you a few tips and a few little travel rules.

Travelling as a group

First of all, we respect the rules of the road. We travel in single file if we are on roads open to traffic. Always signal your movements to those behind you by raising your left hand if you intend to stop and by signalling with your right and left hands if you change direction. Have well-functioning front and rear lights and turn them on as soon as it gets dark. Try to drink often. At least half a litre of water every 2 hours of travel, even if you are not thirsty because it is not hot or anything. We should always carry a small reserve of food with us, a piece of fruit and something sweet to give us the energy we need. One fruit that should never be missing from a cyclist’s supply is a banana. ALWAYS wear a helmet. A trivial fall can be enough to hit your head, with consequences that can be serious. At crossroads or changes of direction, always look out for those following you and check that they have understood. If not, stop and warn those ahead. If a member of the group needs help, whether with technical problems or any other issue, let’s always try to be available. This is also why we travel in groups, to help each other. And then ‘… you never know… today it’s your turn, tomorrow it’s mine…’.

In any case, the GIROBICI guides, normally experienced cycle travellers, will always be ready to help you and give you the right advice.

Prima di metterci in viaggio

Check your equipment and especially your bike thoroughly. If you are not an experienced mechanic, have your bike checked in a workshop; if you are going on a trip lasting several days, ask your mechanic to check more carefully the degree of wear on the brakes, tyres, chain, various control wires, etc. If you are going to make a trip in which you will bring with you the luggage, prepare it with care paying attention not to load too much weight and, at the same time, bring all the necessary equipment for the different situations that you will face.

In this regard, Girobici provides you with a very useful check list for cyclists, which you can request by writing to

When travelling in a group, an important aspect is to avoid being “towed” without worrying too much about where you are. Always try to know where you are, which route you are taking, which towns or cities are approaching. In order to do this, it is important to do a lot of research before the trip, by consulting maps or charts of the route. A GPS navigator or an application on your Smartphone may also be useful.


Type of trips:
( I ) Itinerant – ( M ) Margherita – ( V ) Bike in Villas (margherita journey based in sophisticated places, particular locations, farms, period residences, villas, castles where you can live at home and not as guests of a hotel).

Livello difficoltà:
( E ) Easy ( M ) Medium ( C ) Challenging

Type of bike:
( BDC ) Road Bike
( CTB ) Citybike or Trekking Bike with at least 21 gears
( MTB ) Mountain Bike
( GRV) Gravel